Thursday 29 September 2011

One Room Down

..a few to go.

We have almost finished (as in nothing more to do) the guest bathroom. This past week I have repainted the floor and then varnished it, painted skirting boards, done the window dressing and generally scrubbed it up.

We're quite chuffed.

Quite a change from a month ago. All we need do now is paint the door and that is one room, absolutely finished: painted, insulated, electrified, plumbed, usable and cleanable. The last of the qualities is maybe the most important one, because most of the other rooms are building sites still.



Colin and Elizabeth said...

Looking very good Simon. Could you do with perhaps a little dust.. I can send you some.... Col PS hope you didn't pick the word verification "gotfucct"!!!

melinda said...

gorgeous, congrats

ladybird said...

Stunning!!! Wish I had a shower like that. Martine

GaynorB said...

Well done. Could this be called the beginning of the beginning of the beginning of the end?

The room is looking fantastic.

Susan said...

Colin: as you know, we only accept the finest dust...

Melinda: thanks.

Martine: If it's any consolation, you might love it less once you found out how long it takes to clean.

Gaynor: Difficult to say.

Anonymous said...

Well done that girl!

It looks elegant and classy.


Jocelyn said...

Very slick indeed !

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