Sunday 4 September 2011

Classic Villandry

Here are some pictures of Villandry, taken with our new camera back in July.

An overview of the parterre.
The Garden of Love.
A quite minimalist section of the
vegetable garden that I like.


chm said...

Is the vegetable garden set up as some sort of a labyrinth? It looks nice, but it seems there's a lot of unused space. No?

Andres said...

Not set out in a maze but increadible the way they have set it out with different quadrants with different themes. When we first visited waaaay back in 1987 the gardens were spectacular but the chateau was an empty shell and most uninspiring. last time we visited in 2006 we were astounded as the chateau is now also one of our favourites inside. On the must see list.

Susan said...

CHM: Andres is right. The potager is not a maze. This section is more like a Greek key pattern. There is a maze elsewhere in the garden (but just for kids - adults can see over the tops of the hedges).

Andres: Interesting about the chateau interior. Henri Carvallo told us that his grandparents spent the first two years working on the chateau before starting on the gardens, but he may have meant vital repairs and making it liveable for the family.

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