Monday, 5 September 2011

A New Sill

In April last year we had the stonework surrounding our back door and kitchen window replaced. When the work was finished the old window sill - oak, battered, burnt in places and definitely not water resistant was reinstated.

April last year
Now we have a new window sill, which is none of those things. Stéphane made it in his new workshop and fitted it last week - just in time for it to rain and prevent me painting it.

It still needs some fettling, but it will be a huge improvement over what was previously there.



Ken Broadhurst said...

Simon, what is "fettling"? Fiddling, as to fiddle with something?

Simon said...

Ken - In this case, to fine adjust. It's a proper English word and everything!

(Not every word I use is a proper word when used in the sense I use it, so this could be a rarity)

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Fettle....I would have said its a good old northern word (but its not, its also an Australian term). It was used alot in my younger days. "Go and see if you can fettle that!" for something that wasn't working right... I still use it today.. as does Simon.

I am one who fettles!!


Ann Ferguson said...

Renovations are remarkable. So much has happened since our visit. Love the bathroom most. Probably my favourite.

ladybird said...

Just curious: Any idea why the old window sill was burned? Was there ever I fire in your house? Martine

Susan said...

Martine: there is evidence of burning in several places in the house. I imagine it is very rare for a house of this age not to have had a fire at some stage.

Jean said...

As a fettler, do you also use the terms sprottle, muckle and capurtle?

Simon said...

Jean - not when tehre are laydees present :¬)

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