Sunday, 18 September 2011

Fish Paste

Worried about how to get your quota of oily fish in? Lots of people don't really like oily fish. They have a very assertive flavour and smell. Fish in general is often seen as troublesome to prepare and people are unsure of how to cook it well. Fortunately, we like most fish, and I am happy to prep it, but sometimes you just want something quick and tasty.

For many years now I have been making smoked fish and cream cheese spread. It couldn't be simpler. Buy a packet of smoked mackerel (or herring) and a tub of cream cheese (fromage à tartiner). Cut the fish into chunks and put it and the cheese in a jug. Whizz together with the stick blender. Serve spread on crackers or baguette.

Mélange de hareng fumé doux et fromage frais.
In my experience the ratio of fish to cheese can be fairly flexible. You can use the mackerel that is sold with a peppercorn coating if you wish. It freezes well. If you are concerned about fat content, buy low fat (léger) cheese. Cow's milk or goat's milk cheese both work well with smoked fish.



  1. Very interesting and yummy spread. I'll try it with whatever fish. I was thinking of raw salmon. I think you could use also canned sardines.

  2. What a gloriously simple idea. I will try it tout suite!!

  3. Oops ! I meant toute suite of course !!

  4. Avast there... Not related to this particular post, but just a reminder that 19th Sept is International Talk like a Pirate Day. Unleash your inner buccanneer. Arrr...

  5. I like the sound of this. We love all kinds of fish so I'll pick up some mackeral when ! shop tomorrow.