Tuesday 8 June 2010

Things we (don't) take photos of:

I am working on our webpage at the moment. It isn't something I particularly enjoy, but it does mean I am not mixing cement (or plaster, or paint) nor carrying heavy stuff around.

One of the things we hope will attract people to our business are good photos of places they can visit and activities they can do. A picture paints a thousand words (or a picture speaks a thousand words) as some bloke - probably Chinese - once said a long time ago.

Therefore I have been looking for photos we have taken at wineries. We have visited a number of wineries over the years, but do I have any good photos of wineries? No. I don't even have that many poor photos of wineries.

A photo of rather a good winery. It has caves
full of maturing bottles of sparkling white wine
and a bottle rotating machine. As you can't tell.
Likewise country roads and châteaux. We have seen many, noted them, even commented on what a good photo it would make - but I looked through 20,000 photos to discover this means they have probably been noted for next time.

It's behind you!!
It even happens when I take a photo at Villandry.
Why this should be, I dont know. I take plenty of photos, some of which might make a sane person ask "why?" On the other hand. I have been know to sneak what I consider to be a masterpiece through, but photos of wineries and lesser known châteaux elude me.

I think I will have to mark myself as "could do better".


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Sheila said...

It's all Celestine's fault -- she's
a camera hog.

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