Monday, 28 June 2010

St Melaine

We wrote about the collegiate church of St Mélaine quite some time ago.

Since then we have learned very little more about it, but I do have a new photo. This was taken on my expedition to find a place to photograph the work in progress on our roof. This is a long shot, taken from about 500 metres away.

It was really hot yesterday, and we had warning about storms in the evening. This was slightly worrying, because the slates are off part of the roof, and we have no tarpaulins over the spaces. Needless to say, the forecast was wrong. More rain is forecast for today, with storms forecast for tonight and tomorrow night, complete with local weather warnings, so with any luck (as far as the roof goes) or with bad luck(for the garden) we won't get any rain.



Diane said...

I also went into panic stations re the weather prediction. OK so it did not happen last night, but they still say violent and hail this afternoon. Let us hope they are still wrong!!!!!! Diane

Jean said...

I approve of the new header photo !

Simon said...

Diane. We are Bache-less again tonight, but the storm appears to have gone around us.

Jean. It's a roofing special. Normal service will be resumed once the roofers are gone.

Diogenes said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for no rain until your roof is complete. We redid ours a couple years ago in the summer (our house was built in 1930) and lucked-out with no rain during "monsoon" season in Phoenix.

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