Thursday 3 June 2010


Not D-Day minus 2 (that would be tomorrow), nor someone's birthday (at least, not someone we know). Not even an admission that we have purchased a bidet (we haven't).

Bathroom day!

We have been working towards this day for a while now: the walls insulated; plasterboard installed, jointed and painted; the floor sanded and painted; plumbing and electricity installed.

Installing the shower base.
Yesterday I used the new Disco Douche for the first time. It is a large shower cabinet in smoked glass, with 14 nozzles (count 'em), a seat (for two), lights, radio, extractor fans, and a telephone. I will just let that sink in... Yup, a telephone. If we were to connect it (which we aren't) we would be able to answer the telephone if it rang while we were in the shower.

The Bathroom
The room isn't finished: we still have to install and paint skirting board (in French, baguette, like most other things), hide the pipes for the toilet, and install the lighting, extractor fan, mirror towel rails etc.

The controls for the disco douche
Even though all that needs doing, we have a proper, comfortable shower with copious hot water (the ballon was turned on yesterday), installed in a room that is big enough to dry oneself in.

Net gain!



wcs said...

Well, I had to look it up. Indeed, baguette is used for skirting board, or baseboard in Amurrican.

Our guys have been calling it une plinthe.

chm said...

It seems you went from 14th century comfort — or lack thereof — to 21century comfort in no time flat. LOL

Leon Sims said...

Next time we visit - not just lunch and a ride in Celestine, but two weeks in this splendid new chateau of yours.

Ken Broadhurst said...

That's the Jetson's model, right? I'm trying not to think about where all those jets might be sending their spray.

Tim said...

Simon, you've got to connect the phone up... if only for you to ask your guests what they want to drink.... provided that you can find a water-proof phone!! Or is that an extra also. I like the pull-up seat... was that an extra... or part of the kit?

Diogenes said...

Wow - I can't believe how far the bathroom has come. That's progress.

ladybird said...

Wow, a disco shower! Maybe you should hang a John Travolta Saturdaynight Fever poster on the wall over the toilet ;) ... You know, as a finishing touch! Martine

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