Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Creative Transport Thinking

This vehicle was spotted in the carpark of the sous-préfecture in Loches. The sidecar contains two child booster seats, for children of different ages, so presumably the whole family can go about together. Why didn't they just buy a small car though?

And it's nothing compared to this vehicle, posted recently on Frogsmoke, who found it on the maker's site.



Jean said...

Reasons for having a motorcycle and sidecar:
1 you can ride it with a motorcycle license which is different from a car licence. There are still people who got a motorcycle licence as a youngster and don't want to take a car test.
2 When you are sick of the kids, you can (presumably) detach the bike and off you go. No more standing in traffic and FREEDOM !!
3 Motorcycling is in the blood. Sometimes when what you need is a car, you desperately don't want to give up the bike and this is a compromise.
I spent most of my childhood in a sidecar. My father could only afford a motorcycle - cars were for the wealthy in the 1950's.

Simon said...

Jean. I don't think this is a combo. I think it's all in one - more like a three wheel car with mum and dad stuck outside in the cold.

I think that Susan was thinking Ford Fiesta as the small car - I am thinking porsche money: €27,000 is the starting price - and this is no basic model! The smallest motor they put in these things is a 2 litre 16v Peugeot.

Jean said...

Simon - good grief !! In that case they must be mad !! You could have a Harley with a sidecar for that !!!

biker lady said...

LOL, I can imagine you think we are crazy, but trust me, it is really fun!

I own one of those things and yes, they cost more then our car but is worth it. ;-)
We still have riding our bikes as a hobby, still join the motorclub and a lot of its rally/rides/etc...

By the way, I guess that harley will indeed be cheaper...

Susan said...

BL: that's what everyone says :-) BTW, the person who owns this machine must work at the prefecture, as it is often there.

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