Friday, 6 November 2009

Mystery Mouflons

On one of our walks along the old tracks and routes around Preuilly we came across an enclosure containing a number of ovine beasts. Several of them are clearly goats, but one pair looked like mouflon sheep to me. We've no idea who owns them or why.

The mouflon pair.

Male mouflon doing his magnificent and moody look.

This sadly underfed looking goat who shares the enclosure
struggles to get a tiny morsel to stave off famine.



Abbé Henri Proust said...

How do you tell the sheep from the goats?

Simon said...

You lean over the fence, call "sheeeeep", and anything that doesn't come is obviously a goat.

Or, you make cheese from the milk, and if you get Chevre, it's a goat. If you get Brebis, the animal was a sheep.

I'se glad me got a clasikul edification an all.

Simon said...

Seriously though, I am not sure there really IS a difference, taxonomically. I have a feeling they are they same, but by convention some are goats, and others sheep.

Mind you - taxonomy is Susan's area of expertise, so I may get corrected.

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