Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Saffron Flowers at Last!

A week ago I went down to the potager to dig fartichokes, pull carrots, beetroot and leeks and pick a bunch of parsley. On arrival I discovered that some of the saffron was at last flowering after all.

An unfurling saffron flower in our potager.
I carefully picked all the flowers into a little paper cup that I happened to have in the car and took them home to dismember and dry the precious saffron strands.

Saffron strands laid out to dry on kitchen paper.
I think the recent rain we've had has triggered the flowering. The saffron got a little wet from the rain, so won't be top quality, but even the tiny quantity I got from half a dozen flowers will be enough to flavour a paella or a saffron cake, and I was surprised to find that I got a whiff of the iodine-like scent as I put the plate of stigmas up on the mantelpiece to dry.



Schnitzel and the Trout said...

That is very exciting. Enjoy!!!! Almost like blooming gold.

Anonymous said...

Stunning flower, Susan - how wonderful for you.


Susan said...

Susan & Bev: yes, that's how I felt about it :-)

free dating said...

is this what most photographers say a micro shot?

Simon said...

A macro shot

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