Monday 1 September 2008

A London Lunch Hour

A couple of months ago I sallied forth from my office in the City of London, a rather grand looking building in the Baroque Revival style, erected by one of the great London Guilds in 1928 and now over-shadowed by the the Gherkin. My mission was to head across town to the City of Westminster, to the office of my old employer, and borrow a small piece of equipment that would allow me to check the moisture content of our French beams. Readers familiar with London will know that this outing actually just involves going Underground at Monument and emerging into the light again at St James's Park, a journey of 7 stops on the District line, taking about 25 minutes.

Having achieved my goal, and with the Protimeter safely tucked in my bag, I sat on the terrace of my old office building, chatting to ex-colleagues. As this was mid-May, the Household Cavalry were practicing for the Trooping the Colour and/or Beating Retreat ceremonies, giving us a free lunchtime show. This is one of the many things I miss about my old job.


PS The Protimeter results indicate that except for one corner of the barn, the moisture content in the structural wood of our house has finally come down to an acceptable level. The weather has been so wet for so long that even after the roof was fixed, the house has been slow to dry out. Even now we have to watch it carefully, but I think we are slowly, slowly getting there. Being able to install a heating system would help, but in the meantime, we are thankful for every sunny day that we can leave all the windows open.

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