Tuesday 23 September 2008

The end of the Tourist Season

Adrian arrived (with Caroline and Corey) in Preuilly on Wednesday after two months towing his caravan around Europe behind the Ademobil.

The plan is that he will leave the van in our garage so that we can use it while he is in the USA. This means for the moment we have another room to use - and probably more importantly, a washing machine so I don't have to wait for the rain to rinse my washing.

It has been great having all the visitors from Australia this year -
Susan's parents in May and then her sister and brother-in law in August, and Adrian and family in July. Last year my parents were here in June, Liselle in May, and Rick and Helen in July. While we are impecunious awaiting the sale of my house in Australia they have distracted us from the worry of not getting the major works done. We have had fun showing them our new home and the attractions surrounding it, and ocasionally have had a bit of a giggle working on the house - here for instance, and here.

Now Summer is over, however, and the all the visitors from warmer climes have departed for somewhere less chilly. Preuilly in winter has its charms, but for the moment they are left the exclusive domain of those of us who live here (or intend to do so).

So thanks to all the visitors. When you return we hope we can show you the house renovated.


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