Tuesday 30 September 2008

Frontline Preuilly

For some reason, I found this photo, displayed in our local museum (the Poterne, more of which later) quite disturbing.

You may recognise the building as being our Mairie (as seen at the bottom of this post) and was taken in 1942.



Jenny said...

Hello again Susan and Simon,

I still so enjoy your lovely site and every time so regret us not meeting. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me linking to your blog on my blog. I am finally (and longwindedly) retelling our travel tales on my blog and would deeply appreciate it if I could give any readers I have a link to a real taste of the area we truly enjoyed during out trip. Oddly enough your entry today mirrors the day I am writing about right now because as I stood in the phone booth, in the Post Office parking lot in Preuilly directly across the street from the town hall in your picture I wondered what history it had lived through and that picture is unbelievable to me. What a shock. Thank you so much. Jenny

wcs said...

Yup. Darned scary.

Simon said...

It is weird - I knew the germans had been to Preuilly. We have an old neighbour who was conscripted labour and travelled to all the "exciting" (his word, not mine!!!) places during the war - Dresden, Cologne, Berlin (it appears he was only ever in those places while they were being bombed). We have photos of the school that was bombed, and we have seen the resistance fighters's graves.

But somehow, a photo of German soldiers and a swasticker on the Hotel de Ville makes it all more real, and a whole lot more sinister.

Jenny - of course you can link. It's a pity we didn't meet, but maybe next time


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