Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Richelieu Revisited.

We have been to Richelieu many times.* Usually it rains in Richelieu when we are there, but even when it isn't raining I have never visited when the sky was anything but grey. This leads to dull photos. Last month when we visited with Susan's parents on way to a failed attempt to visit the gardens at Azay-le-Rideau, it again rained. Seriously heavily this time.

Fountains in the rain
This is a pity, because a lot of time, effort and money has been invested in Richelieu and it would be nice to see it looking pretty and sparkly.

At last, a picture of a gate of Richelieu taken in good weather
Imagine my delight, then, when on our way to Fontevraud a week later we passed through Richelieu and it was sunny. This gave me an opportunity to see the new works in one of the town squares looking at something approaching its best. The civic work includes paving and a fountain (NOT for running through, according to the signs).

This isn't the only work being done in Richelieu, however. Many of the very bourgeois mansions are being sympathically restored by private owners. There is a lot of work happening all over Richelieu, but some of the houses look like glossy lifestyle magazine candidates already.

For people interested in Richelieu, the man and the town, visit Henri Proust's blog.


*for those who remember "Round the Horne", that's "many times, many many times..."


Autolycus said...

Or, as Binkie Huckaback would say, "I knooooow"...

Not that His Eminence would have approved.

Susan said...

Don't be so sure :-) Apparently His Rougeness was quite partial to getting dressed up and engaging in what can only be described as cavorting in public. Diffult to assess his sense of humour rating from this distance now though.

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