Thursday 19 June 2008

Fun with EDF

We had the electricity connected to our house in September 2007. This was an interesting process in which we managed to get exactly what we didn't want after a flurry of emails, phone calls and two visits by EDF operatives.

Since then we have been charged for a lot of electricity.

Our 3 phase power supply with its 3 Plugs
This is a problem, because until February we used no power at all, and since then we have used what the average family of 4 would use in a week. This means we are about 8 months in advance (and gaining) on our electricity bill. I have signed up to the EDF website to submit my meter readings, but the site just didn't believe me - apparently you can't submit a meter reading lower than the estimate already on the records.

On Tuesday I finally managed to contact English speaking service of EDF with the right numbers (surprise surprise, I got straight through both times I rang!) and I am told we are going to get a reimbursement of the huge amounts of money we have already paid.

Which is nice......

Now all I have to do is convince them I dont want - or need - 3 phase power



Abbé Henri Proust said...

We had the same problem a first. Finally they came to understand we were not a 3 families of 6 with the washing machine going all day. Make sure they can read the meter from outside your property otherwise they 'estimate' ie over-estimate. Remember that the abonnement is important and depends on the max (midwinter) contract kw amount, in our particular case max 18kw. Don't overdo it as the abonnement includes an assumption of consumption in the rate. Only have one meter as each meter means another contract and another abonnement (in our case there were three meters originally). Arrange to pay the bills by prelevement which evens out the cash-flow across the year. Paying by TIP is all very well, but makes for big winter bills just as you have to pay the property taxes. That's another subject. p.s. I think they always distribute to the house main board in 3-phase and the high power 32 amp distribution wiring can be reduced in specification (and cost) for three-phase appliances (such as electric ovens & hobs).

Simon said...

The not being able to read the meter from outside is our problem - they installed a new meter on the old panel whichs looks in one the house. They didnt give us one of the clever little pads whereby they can use their handheld machine to read the meter from outside.

They did seem a bit surprised that we had used less than 200KW in 8 months, but I find EDF act surprised at whatever happens.....

wcs said...

I have signed up for the prélevement which works very well. They'll always take the money.

I also signed up for transmitting my meter readings via internet. This has worked more or less well over the past 5 years. I've had some big bills when EDF "estimates" my usage even though I've sent them readings. But it all evens out in the end. It just wreaks havoc on the old cash flow.

Our meter gets read twice a year, in June and in December. And since we're usually here, it hasn't been a problem letting the guy in to do it.

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