Thursday 5 June 2008

Three Church Interiors


Anonymous said...

Quite nice photos of the church or churches. Did we see those frescoes before on this blog? Probably my husband and I should visit more French churches than we do, since that's where most of the architectural energy went for centuries.

I want some of those Polish ponies. I can't quite convince my husband that they'd be cost-effective for keeping our field grasses down.

You captured the zany energy of crows. Don't you love their hoarse caw? We see fewer here these days, perhaps because of west Nile virus, and I miss them.

Anonymous said...

Is the interior of the middle picture that of Ste Radegonde in Poitiers?

Susan said...

Louise - the Koniks are the most charming creatures imaginable. You would have to get at least 2 though - I don't think they like being on their own. The reserve has a small herd of Camargue ponies and some Salers cattle as well, but the Koniks are my faves.
Our friend John tells us that periodically the local hunters come out to the Bossay rookery and reduce the population there. The picture shows a very small group of them only, but the main flock is dozens and dozens of birds.

Simon said...

Charles Henri

Perceptive as ever!


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