Monday, 16 June 2008

Loire Valley Bloggers do Lunch

There are three Loire Valley bloggers in this photo. Can you identify them? And can you guess what they are doing?


Anonymous said...

My guess is (on the right) Ken, Susan, and Walt, with Simon presumably manning the camera.

I think you'd been baking a tiny ham in a clay pot, checking to see if it was done.

Growing beans under a cloche?

Doing a toad census?

Planting the flags of the US & Australia on top of Mount Aignan?

If food, wildlife, or plants are not involved, I'm at a loss.

wcs said...

These people look vaguely familiar...

wcs said...

...and as for what they're doing, I'm stumped! ;)

Simon said...

I would have said familiarly vague.....

I dunno - I suppose it serves me right - trying to get interesting people to stand still for ONE minute

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