Monday, 2 June 2008

The Crow Brothers

Every morning a stream of corvids sallies forth from Preuilly on secret crow business. The group is mostly Rooks, coming from their roost in a plantation of poplars on the river near Bossay, but they are often joined by Jackdaws and sometimes Crows. They bounce and fly upside down and dive bomb their mates and generally chiack their way out to the fields for a day of strutting importantly up and down the sods and furrows.

In the evening the process is reversed and they come cawing back to the rookery.

If you are interested in learning more about this highly intelligent and entertaining group of birds, Mark Cocker's Crow Country might be for you.



Autolycus said...

I never had that down as an Australianism. My parents used to use it, and I always thought it might have had something to do with India (chai?)..

Susan said...

Hmm...I can't think what the connection with tea would be. I wonder if it is maybe a Romany word - but I have no idea really.

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