Wednesday 15 July 2015

Retraite aux Flambeaux 2015


Monday was a busy day - out the door at 06.45 to get to Tours by 08.00,  refuelling and washing Claudette and a quick breakfast before picking up clients at 09.00, finish at 19.45 (we spent longer than normal tasting at Chateau Gaudrelle), before taking clients back to Tours, putting Claudette in her garage and getting at home at 21.15.

And then....

Out again at 21.30 to the Mairie, 60 minutes walking behind a samba band, frites and beer at the Plan d'Eau, fireworks at 23.00, and home well after pumpkin time.

The beer "tent", run by the Pompiers, was very popular. No wonder, at these prices.

These are great events, and although some might quibble about council spending money on events like this, it is great to see the whole town out and participating.

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Colin and Elizabeth said...

A long day for two oldies... Ha Ha

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