Thursday 16 July 2015

Pont Transbordeur, Rochfort

We travelled on this bridge (as opposed to over this bridge) in April when we went to the beach with my parents.*

I have seen transporter bridges on TV and in films, but never in the metal.  They're fascinating things. Colin and Elizabeth visited this one in 2012 and wrote about it, so I have taken the liberty of linking to their blog entry so you can read about it.

Every couple of years La Traction Universelle (the Traction Avant car club we belong to) visit this area and are transported across the river on the bridge. These days only foot passengers are allowed unless you're a car club booking. So hopefully, next pic of this you will see from us will be with Celestine or Claudette and a group of her sisters.

* oops. We haven't blogged that. Well - that's another we can promise for later
Nocturnal Guided Walk: The SAP has organised a nocturnal guided walk of Preuilly for Saturday 18 July, starting at the church at 9.30 pm and finishing at the Poterne, €2 a head, commentary in French. There was a trial run last Saturday night, to which I was invited, and which I completely forgot. I am now kicking myself, because it was apparently fascinating (especially the underground bits).


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