Monday 27 July 2015

Hide and Seek

Célestine has a Facebook account, something that will come as no surprise to anyone who is a facebook friend. Sometimes we see something new on there, or someone will post something that stirs a thought.

Anyhows: Claudette's previous owner posted a photo of her at Eurocitro 2009, and that got me to thinking - did we also take a photo of Claudette before we knew her? We knew she had been there, she still sports the sticker.

After some detective work, I found her - but can you?

No prizes if you can, but you are allowed to feel 6/10s smug (and if you can't she's here).


Colin and Elizabeth said...

No chance, they all look alike to me!!! Even with distinguishing bumps and all that... They're all tractions at that distance and even closer.

Le Pré de la Forge said...

No clues... no chance!
But I covet that white one...
even if she will be as difficult to keep clean as Claudette or Célestine!!
But that trailer... now, they must be serious picnickeers!

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