Sunday, 19 July 2015

Agile Wallaby

This Agile Wallaby Macropus agilis was photographed lurking about in the bushes at Bitter Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. They are the most abundant species of wallaby in the north of Australia and can be identified by the black rim to the ears, the black forehead stripe, white cheek stripes and a white stripe aross the thigh.

Agile Wallaby tracks.


  1. I once saw a wallaby in the Roaches area of the Staffordshire moorlands when I took a group of children Youth Hostelling. Unfortunately the colony has now died out. Not sure of the species, it was too quick!

    1. I can't remember what species that colony was either. Unlikely to be this one anyway, as they are tropical.

    2. Bennett's wallaby. I found this article in the Independent...

    3. Now that you remind me, Bennett's rings a bell. I have an article somewhere about them in a British Wildlife magazine from a couple of years ago.