Tuesday, 28 July 2015

No Worries Mate

We belong to the Loire Valley Clandestine Cake Club. The next gathering of the faithful is tomorrow afternoon and the theme is novelty cakes.

Bewdy mate we thought! We can do that, we've got all the gear. No worries. Can't remember when we last used it, but she'll be right.


  1. It will be fine, it is only a best before date and its only 16 years past!! Be sure to mark your cake clearly!!

  2. The date's only there to make you throw those away....
    they're sugar...
    they'll be fine...
    30 years after they were bought!!

  3. What do you write with this certified antique? The use by date or a wh&s warning :-)

  4. You won't be complaining about my out of date coffee again.... ;0)

  5. I make novelty cakes even less often than that... I baked the cake now somebody's taken it over and is plastering stuff over it. It'll be a team entry! P.

  6. Are you all still alive le lendemain?