Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Population Figures

It was recently announced that the population of Indre et Loire has crossed the 600 000 mark. This figure is described as an official estimate, as the figure at the last census, in 2012, was about 3000 people short.

 A typical street scene in Preuilly.
Preuilly's population has declined by 2.51% and is now 1048. To our west, Boussay's population has increased by 8.71% and is now 262 people. To the east Bossay sur Claise has declined even more than Preuilly and is down 3.4% to 796 people. To check out all the communes click on this link.

Visitors often ask where all the people are in French villages. 
The answer is a) many of them are elderly and don't go out much; b) the total population and population density in these places is very low; and c) they are at work in one of the larger towns and commute.
The population of Tours is now 135 218, down a bit from the previous census. Chinon (7228), Loches (6400) and Saint Pierre des Corps (15 224) have also lost population. Despite the localised loss of people there is no slow down in the release of land for building and new homes going up in some areas. This is due to people choosing to live alone and families breaking up.

On the up with populations increasing are Joué lès Tours (37 196), Montlouis (10 634) and Amboise (13 157). Sorigny is proportionally one of the biggest gainers, with 200 more people, taking advantage of the new exit from the A10.

 A typical scene on a boulevard in Tours.
Tours is the largest town in the Centre region. The only other town with a population over 100 000 in the region is Orléans. After these two the largest towns are Bourges, Blois and Chateauroux. These last two have populations under 50 000.

 A typical scene in a small town on the tourist trail (Azay le Rideau).
Indre et Loire is the second most populous department in the region, after Loiret. Loir et Cher is fourth and Indre the least populous.

The population of France métropolitaine (ie France not including the overseas territories) is 63 375 971. Indre et Loire is more or less in the middle in terms of population compared to départements throughout France.

A typical scene in a small town (Loches).
The figures matter because government funding is largely dependent on population.
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A la cuisine hier: Quince Paste, fragrant and molten, made from quince pulp I put in the freezer after making quince jelly in the autumn. It occurred to me while I was making the paste that quince syllabub would be delicious. I must remember that for next quince season.

Stir-fried turkey with vegetables, noodles and peanut sauce.


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