Sunday, 18 January 2015

Here and There: Government Offices

 Above, the State Government offices in the small Australian town where I grew up. The tier of government below this is the Regional Council, the tier above is the Federal (national) Government.
Below, the Communauté de Communes de la Touraine du Sud offices in Preuilly. The Communauté de communes is a group of small local authorities that work together so they form a larger entity and can achieve economies of scale. The tier below this is the individual communes, the tier above is the Conseil Générale (the equivalent of the Regional Council).
A la cuisine hier: Cream of Celeriac Soup, made by processing leftover céleri rave et poireaux à la boulangère with more chicken stock and some blue cheese. One of those cases where the leftovers were better than the original dish.

Popcorn, just for snacking fun.

Chicken thighs marinated in a lemony mix and baked along with potato wedges.

Coupe Mont Blanc, the world's richest dessert.
Loire Valley Nature: A new entry has been added for Clustered Bellflower Campanula glomerata.

A habitat photo has been added to the Snakeshead Fritillary Fritillaria meleagris entry.

A photo of Christian taking a moss sample has been added to the Resources entry.

A photo of Tropinota sp has been added to the Chafer Beetle entry.


Jean said...

Yesterday's dinner sounds delish, especially the chestnut cream. I guess that was one of the 5/7 days!
Also, I never knew that popcorn was so easy to make.

Susan said...

Jean: How did you guess it wasn't a fast day?! :-)

Ken Broadhurst said...

Jean, are you kidding? Making popcorn is kind of like boiling water.

Jean said...

Ken, I have never even thought about making popcorn before. Now I know how easy it is I can't wait to have a go!

Betty Carlson said...

I have to say that for once, Australia wins out on this one...

Susan said...

Oh I dunno -- we thought they could be pretty much interchangeable in this case.

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