Saturday, 31 January 2015


 A Euro lurking about in the scrub.

Wallaroos are macropods of a size between kangaroos and wallabies. The outback sub-species is known as the Euro.

Tracks made by Euros who have come down to a pool of water to drink. You can see the three types of tracks a slow moving macropod makes -- the imprint of the tail as it scrapes along the ground, the long toes of the hind feet and the tiny claw prints of the hands.
Blogging Pause: Blogging may be a bit erratic over the next couple of weeks. We are recovering from a flu-like virus and are rather busy at the moment so blogging will depend on time, motivation and ones we prepared earlier -- all of which could be at a low ebb for a while.
Au jardin hier: Yesterday the roofer François Galland and his foreman Yannick called at the house. Our neighbour has contracted them to sort out the chimney at the front of their house (hoorah! it has been dangerous for years...). They asked if we could move the pots in the front courtyard so they can have access to the chimney. I agreed happily, as the pots are due for a revision, so it's no real inconvenience to move them to one side. I did all the small pots and they will come and move the big ones on Monday when they start work.


  1. You have my sympathy...
    are you going to Retromobilly?
    If so, I hope you are both well enough!
    And don't let Simon anywhere near those barn finds...
    although King Farouk's Talbot-Lago would really make you stand out at the chateaux...
    you'd get more visitors to your car than in the venues...
    which might mean easier access for your clients!

    We are in semi-chaos here...
    we have the roofers in, as you know!
    Mud, muck and more mud...

    Looking at the Dingo in the previous post...
    reminds me of a Basenji...
    same sleek shape...
    same colouring...
    a barkless dog that can howl like ****!
    Parallel evolution...
    or related somehow??

    Get well soon!

    1. Latest research indicates basenji and dingo not particularly closely related. The split between dogs and wolves happened much earlier than many people realise and the line is complicated because of back crossing and migration. New Guinea Singing Dogs look much like dingoes and basenjis too. A domestic dog from several generations of cross breeding mutts will look like this too -- it appears to be the standard dog template, and everything else is accident or manipulation by man.

  2. We have both had what sounds like the same virus... It is without a doubt a bar**ard... You have our sympathy... Get well soon.

    1. It seems to be very contagious and doing the rounds.

  3. Hope you are both soon back on top form, and C&E too. We have escaped thus far...

    1. Thanks. May you continue to escape the lurgy.

  4. Get well soon! Many of my students, friends, colleagues and acquaintances have been hit by the flu. I'm keeping my fingers crossed -- so far, so good.

    1. Thanks Betty. What we had wasn't real flu -- we weren't bedridden for a week and at risk of death, but it was a virus with flu-like symptoms -- aching joints, very sore throat, cough etc.

  5. Hope you are both on the mend soon, take it easy and try bone broths, and fermented foods and drinks, very benificial.
    There was some lurgy going around here at the end of Winter and it did its flu thing then settled on the chest and caused congestion, tiredness,aches etc. and doctors were advising it took 90 days to run it's course.

  6. That sounds like the illness. 90 days to recover! Well, at least it makes me feel a bit better about all the just sitting around I've been doing since its onset. It makes you feel really flat.

  7. Meilleure santé ! Hope the grunge you've got doesn't last as long as three months.

  8. Yellow-dog dingo ... was the Chamberlain case ever closed? Could a dingo take a baby from a tent?
    Get well soon, and if you need anything, let me know. Can't do a new throat, sorry. Pauliine

    1. It's generally accepted now that Azaria Chamberlain was taken by a dingo. There have been other more recent cases of dingoes entering tents and attempting to drag stuff off. A child was killed by dingoes on Fraser Island and several people have been injured by the Fraser dingoes.

      Many thanks for the offer. Luckily the freezer is well stocked so I've been able to sit around and just reheat the occasional meal for a couple of weeks. Simon's done a week's worth of little blog posts.