Saturday, 2 August 2014

Zebra Finch Flock

A flock of Zebra Finches gathers in a bush overhanging a small waterhole in the Northern Territory.


  1. Just been reading the LVTT news...
    and read this caption:
    " Nina and Susan patiently help John untangle his several
    cameras and lenses before any photography can start.

    Bleedin' straps...
    I HATE 'em!!!!!!!!!

  2. A friend used to have two zebra finches in a tall cage. The female used to go up to the top perch to lay her eggs. Splat. Every time. Dim creature. P.

  3. Nous avons vu ces magnifiques oiseaux en Australie près d'un point d'eau mais pas en telle quantité! C'est magnifique un arbre avec des oiseaux à la place de fleurs!

  4. Lucie: LOL. I hadn't thought of it like that! This area is really dry, so birds do really flock to the waterholes.