Sunday, 17 August 2014

Looking Up Kings Creek

Kings Creek in the Northern Territory of Australia.
A Proliferation of Plums: I ran into our orchard neighbour Mme G at the market and she asked me if I had enough plums. I said I had a big bag of mirabelles from a friend and a few plums off our own trees. She said I was welcome to pick what I wanted from her plum trees. I was to make sure I didn't miss those up the top (she meant at the top of the orchard, which slopes, rather than those at the tops of the trees). She also said not to leave it too long, as they wouldn't last. As a result I went down yesterday afternoon and raided her 10 plum trees. I now have reine claudes (greengages), round and green; big purple plums, large egg shape and size; Sainte Catherines, yellow and bantam egg shape and size; mirabelles, yellow with a red blush, cherry sized; and small round plums, rich red and slightly larger than cherries. Compote and clafoutis here we come.

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