Monday, 18 August 2014

Celestine Does le Mans

Simon is well enough that he has made a couple of videos of our time at Le Mans the weekend before last.

The first is for those who just want a flavour of the weekend and is only a few minutes long. Much of the video footage has been speeded up, because (as you can see from the second video) travelling at 40kmh does not make for riveting viewing - Ben Hur it ain't!

The second is probably for car enthusiasts only, and is an entire lap of the circuit in Célestine. It was a long lap due to the presence of many (many) other Tractions.

Here are some links to other people's videos of the events. We appear in all of them.

There is also a tour of the campsite - if you know what you're looking for you can see our tent. A hint: it's near the black Traction Avant cabriolet (the one with red wheels)


A la cuisine hier: Chocolate Chip and Walnut Banana Cake. The banana in question was a refugee from Eurocitro, and had seen better days. Cooked banana is disgusting, but I hoped the chocolate would conquer both the aroma and the taste (it didn't...).

Saag Aloo (Indian Style Spinach and Potato) made with our own homegrown potatoes, onions and chilli.

Zucchini Bhajis -- these Indian style fritters are just like the better known Onion Bhajis, but with zucchini instead of onion. Great for coeliacs, as they are based on chickpea flour.


Orchard News: Oh joy! It's aoûtat season again. These microscope harvest mites (aka chiggers) burrow just under the surface of your skin and cause the biggest reddest itchiest irritation ever. I have red itchy lumps from neck to knee. Off to the pharmacy to buy more Onctose!


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear Simon's feeling up to doing bits and pieces again! Keep going Simon!

Stuart said...

Those videos are wonderful. What an amazing event. Bravo!

Sheila said...

Chiggers love me...there's no
other insect bite which itches
as much and for as long. My

Ken Broadhurst said...

Oh say can you see
Any redbugs on me?
If you can, pick a few,
And we'll have some redbug stew.

Autolycus said...

I half expected one of other of those Tractions to screech to a halt with a trilby-wearing Inspector Maigret and his side-kicks emerging to confront the killer.....

Jean said...

I was attacked by harvest mites last year - incredibly itchy! You have my sympathy!
I can't seem to view videos on my little iPad, so I'm off to fire up the I know why we bring so much gadgetry with us each time!

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