Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Photographer Photographed

Can you spot my Dad, photographing me from the bank of Kings Creek while I photograph him from the creek bed?
Orchard News: Several of the apple trees have spectacular looking apples -- large, red and not ripe yet. The pears are small but abundant and in good condition. The few peaches are still green. Some of the bunches of grapes have a bit of rot. They are still bright green ie unripe. There are still a few fruit on the Saint Catherine plum, but the remaining gages have fallen in the bad weather.

The chard, celery and celeriac all look lush and green. A few small aubergine fruit are forming, and the sweet peppers are getting a purple tinge to the green. The remaining tomatoes all have blight, but are ripening some big fruit. I picked a big bowl full of ox hearts and another big meaty variety unpockmarked by the blight, some of which were well coloured. Two more plants went in a bin bag though. The melon has two fruit formed, currently the size of tennis balls. I picked what I think will be the last cornichon. The zucchini gave me a couple of medium sized fruit.

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