Monday, 12 August 2013

A Fish Pedicure

One day in early August, on our way home from le Blanc we decided to stop off at the river in Fontgombault. It was so hot we took off our shoes and dangled our feet. The water was cool and refreshing, and we were in the shade of a tree.

The bridge over the Creuse at Fontgombault.
 Looking across the river to Fontgombault.
 Blue Featherleg Platycnemis pennipes damselflies ovipositing in the river. The males 'stand guard' over the females, who they have grasped by the scruff of the neck with the claspers at the tip of their abdomen. They look like circus acrobats.
 Simon receives a fish pedicure from some bold little fish in the shallows.
 I very inelegantly hitched up my smart pencil skirt in order to dangle my feet.
 The view over the Creuse.


  1. Idyllic!

    And great pix, too!!

  2. A very relaxing scene. If only...

  3. I bet you can pay lots for a fish pedicure in a fashionable establishment!

  4. Another business opportunity to offer to your clients, perhaps.....??!!

  5. Tim: Ta.

    Jean & PG: Maybe :-) -- I don't think they are trendy anymore though. Fish pedicure places are being closed down though because they are spreading hepatitis or something.

  6. "Fish pedicure places are being closed down"...
    use fresh fish every time...
    open a café area...
    and serve Whitebait regularly!!

  7. Just add an ice cream for perfect bliss !

  8. Margaret: I'd had the icecream earlier, in Le Blanc :-)