Saturday, 15 September 2012

Checking the Lines

When I was on a walk the other day I saw this helicopter flying low over the Claise Valley. Usually a low flying helicopter is bad news for someone, because most times it means a medi-evacuation for a poor unfortunate who needs a hospital faster (or smoother) than an ambulance can get there.

So this was going to be a blog about medical evacuation - except that is isn't, because when I looked at my photos later I saw it was a helicopter hired by ERDF (the electricity people) to fly low following electricity lines and looking for problems.

There is often a notice on the town notice board warning people of these flights, I assume either to alert you to the fact that naked sunbathing may not go un-noticed, or to calm the nerves of the black helicopter brigade.

For the technically minded people amongst you it is a Bell 206 B Jet Ranger III, immatriculation F-GJGV from Touraine-Helicoptre.



Tim said...

The notices have been in La Nouvelle Republique, Simon. It is Niall and Antoinette's turn next week!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

We had ours a few weeks ago! I think!

Ken Broadhurst said...

We've had them fly so close to our house in past years, heading directly for us and turning off at the last second, that we've run for cover. It can be pretty scary.

Niall & Antoinette said...

@Tim - yup the warning notices are up at the mairie!
The power lines march straight across the field to the north of us so I suspect we'll see them alright!

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