Sunday 30 September 2012

Grapes Galore

 No problem with grapes in our orchard - our black Hamburg table grape has produced lots of small and medium sized bunches of good sized sweet, musky grapes.

It's in quite a protected spot, so seems to have survived the vicissitudes of the weather this year rather well.

The local winemakers on the other hand, are reporting a crop about 50% down on average. Luckily the quality seems to be generally good, but some are worried the quantity will be so low they may not be able to meet their commitments to customers.



Tim said...

They are very nice Susan... thanks... the punnets are emptying!

GaynorB said...

A 50% reduction sounds pretty bad. What do you judge the effct wil be on prices?

Susan said...

Gaynor: No one's talking about price yet. I imagine it will really depend on the quality of the finished wine. If we are looking at a vintage of small quantity but very good quality, the price will go up no doubt. If the quality is good but only average, the price will stay the same, as buyers can so easily go elsewhere.

Pearl said...

sweet. we've thought of planting vines. are they hard to get started?

Susan said...

Pearl: We didn't plant ours, they were there when we purchased the orchard. I don't think they are difficult though.

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