Saturday, 22 September 2012

Easing Off a Bit

We are finding the new blogger setup a bit tedious to get to grips with, so we are using it as an excuse / trigger to ease off the blogging a bit. Like many longterm bloggers seem to be doing, we will no longer reliably post every day.

Chateau de Candé

Over the winter I hope to concentrate on Loire Valley Nature, my somewhat ad hoc field guide to the local area's wildlife. Winter time is always fairly hard going on a daily blog about central France, so your pickings on Days on the Claise may be a bit lean for a while. Likewise, in the spring, summer and autumn, we hope to be busy with clients, garden and other projects (some of this busy-ness relies on self-discipline and organisation, so we may blog as a displacement activity - or as I like to call it - creative procrastination).



  1. Thank you for a new term in my vocab, Susan. I like the thought of "creative procrastination"... it is less guilt ridden than sitting reading a book... you are actually doing something.

  2. And I think the new Blogger interface just sucks!
    Oh... the frost got the pumkin/melon bed the other morning... but not the courgettes [damn!] or the crookneck squash [good]... so we've now got a table of ripening pumkins and melons.
    The ones it didn't get have a bush structure!

  3. I hate the new blogger interface, why when something works well do they tell us we have to put up with the new 'improved' bogger interface!!!! Grrrrrrrr. Have a good weekend though despite blogger. Diane

  4. I'll miss your daily postings as they have become a constant. I am an everyday reader but sometime commenter. I love your nature tutorials and photographs so will tune in more often to LVN.

    I'm finding it hard at the moment to summon the energy for weekly posts, so understand your need of a rest from the daily blog scene.

    Keep in touch. We are planning a curry evening for the end of October....

  5. I never have understood how you
    get it all done...touring people
    around, gardening away from the
    house, keeping Simon well fed,
    and the daily blogging. No wonder
    you want a respite. Take it easy.

  6. I think you deserve a medal or two for blogging daily so far.
    Like Tim, I love the concept of creative procrastination and realise it's a technique I employ on a regular basis - it's excellent therapy but very detrimental to the housework !!

    So thanks for all the brilliant posts so far, all the information, the insights into life in Touraine and the recipes. Not to mention the jokes, the photos and the videos. And anything else I have forgotten.

  7. Tim: that melon you gave us was delish! Still pondering on what to do with the zukes tho...

    Diane: thanks...

    Gaynor: see you in Oct.

    Sheila: I don't get it all done! Things fall off the end of my to do list all the time. Mostly it's housework, but sometimes it's impt things that are easy to put off, like making an appt for a mammogram.

    Jean: and we wouldn't have met you :-)

  8. They ain't Zukes gal... zukes is them long, thin, bitter dark skinned things wot the shops sell.

    Stuff the Rond Dennis's with chair and the chopped up innards [or a rice/grains stuffing] and bake in foil at 190 for one whole hour [170 on convection]... unwrap the top for the last 15 mins and check the the courgette is cooked... if 'tis, leave unwrapped to brown. If not wrewrap and give it another 15 mins at the end of the hour to "brine eyf". Those little ones should do fine in the time. If you don't want to chop up the innards with the chair, they are very good fried in butter with some onions until very soft... then turned into a cream sauce with creme fraiche and poured over the baked Ronds.

    The two Lebanese type, grate them up and make chocolate courgette cake!!

  9. I too think you deserve a medal but I will miss my daily peek into your world. Always fun or informative.

  10. That aanonymous was me, Jocelyn!

  11. Just like Gaynor I'll miss your daily posting, but you sure need some rest. If I had a blog, I don't think I'd be able to come up with something interesting to say 7/7, year round. Congratulations for your persistence and quality of your postings S&S.

  12. I don't know how you have done it for so long in the first place! Your random posting will suit my random reading perfectly. Just don't go 'cold turkey' on us.

  13. You both have provided a mine of information via your daily insights into French history and culture, geography and nature as well as other quirky and interesting subject matter about vehicles, chateaux and we all know the rest! It has been quality and quantity from the Loire Valley! We look forward to change even though we will miss the regularity and reliability of always being able to read informative text and view quality photos. Thank you both very much.

  14. Hi Susan&Simon, Thanks for your BLOG, it has been good keeping me in touch with what's going on in PSC and one of my lunchtime activites whilst at work!
    When we were over the other week we caught and killed (very scary) 2 of those yellow legged enormous hornets, one was fighting a wasp (never felt sorry for a wasp before!) there were more still hovering around our vine, thought you mentioned there was a survey collecting the info? Maybe catch up with you next time we are over? Debs

  15. dailies are hard to keep up.

  16. Debs: you should email with your records for the survey. I've had one feeding on apples in my orchard and I found an abdomen in the Grand rue the other day. Call or email us with your dates - we'd be delighted to see you.

    Pearl: you've got the right idea - posting daily about what you've eaten, no matter if it was good bad or indifferent. It's an interesting record, and I like the daily reminder to think veggie.