Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Any Ideas?

Late summer, and all over Touraine the hay bales are once again on the move.

Except for this one, which has either been customised for a purpose which is beyond me, or sacrificed with a bamboo spear in some heathen French ritual.

Any ideas?



  1. It's not a hay bale Simon... it's a straw bale and won't bring you any luck if a load of them pass you. That's probably why it has been sacrificed.

    Alternatively, the thing attached to the end of the bambou has nasty, sharp points... and has been 'parked' in the bale for reasons of safety.
    Yes, I know such an attitude is rare in France, but some people must take some care.... surely!?

    Final thought... someone was trying to nick a one tonne bale by carrying it home over their shoulder... the fact that they got it a couple of yards from the other one says "don't argue with that woman!" to me...

    I've no idea what it is, unless it was part of one of the haybale constructions that seem to grace agricultural areas here and in the UK to announce shows, fetes, etc. and possibly supported a banner.

  2. The farmer is a big chap! Its what he uses to load the bales on his trailer.

  3. It’s a mace. And not any kind of mace mind you. It’s very rare in France, but it is a giant’s mace. These creatures had hands so tiny for their size, and that explains why the handle is so thin. Don’t quote me on that!

  4. I've worked it out... the farmer has been plagued by ants and is hoping that they'll crawl to the end and fall to their deaths!!

  5. I think chm just edges it - even though I though "mace" were the reason Buckingham Palace keeps a cat...