Monday 2 April 2012

Violet Fritillary butterfly - a photo series

To learn more about this lovely butterfly, please go to the species account post on Loire Valley Nature. This is always the first of the Fritillary butterflies to be on the wing, and we should be seeing it here any day now.



Tim said...

I think I'll be able to spot them now!
This could be the 'too small to be a Comma' that I've been seeing for the last few days... and not been able to get close to because it zipz off before I get close enough.

Tim said...

And thank you Susan, yes.... it is the Violet Fritillary... one stopped long enough for me to take a good look. It knew I had the chainsaw in my hand and not a camera!!

Susan said...

Tim: excellent.

Tim said...

What I was seeing was one like your third photo, with the very pale markings on the wing edge... they [it] were [was] always settling on the silvery old wood at the edge of the nursery area by the bief and some of those pale markings were blending with the colour of the wood.... giving a ragged, Comma-like edge.

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