Wednesday 4 April 2012

All Action Heroes at Work

Fire brigade vehicles parked in our backyard.
Immediately after lunch yesterday (ie at 5 past 2) three fire brigade vehicles came roaring up the driveway and parked in front of our garage. The firemen got out and started heading down the street. 'Qu'est-ce que se passe ? Y a-t-il un probleme ?' 'Hello Madam, no, there isn't a problem. We are on a training exercise. Are the trucks OK there?'

The brass above the visor on his helmet is the last vestige of the 19th century fireman's helmets. The modern ones say 'Sapeurs Pompiers Indre et Loire'.
They were happy for me to take photos and so I followed them down the street to Patrice's paint workshop. Like last year they had set a smoke bomb off in the paint store and were 'rescuing' someone.

Racing to deal with a problem with the connection at the fire truck, too big to get down the lane and parked at the end.

Getting ready to enter the building.

Job done and it's off to pack up the hoses and stow the kit on the fire truck.


Tim said...

I think these were the Grand Pressigny mob... they came past here in your direction like bats out of hell... five vehicules, no sirens, blue lights flashing and everyone in the big truck getting dressed.
It wouldn't have been much of an excercise for yours when they are only about half a mile away... they'd've still been getting dressed when they got to you!
And the timings are right, too! I'd say they got to you in about fifteen minutes... but I wonder why they didn't go via Etableau... unless they have to respect the limits and the 30kph through there would have slowed them down too much... but they came back past later when time wasn't of importance.

It's a right "blOth rposer"

GaynorB said...

Excitement, and such handsome young men too!

Leon Sims said...

I know that lane, I know that garage. Nice to see familiar things. I will answer you email soon. Work is so busy and we are looking forward to leaving for France S&S.

Liselle said...

Why didn't you call me? :-)

Diane said...

How exciting and what a great subject for a post. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter. Diane

purejuice said...

french firemen. i think i'm swooning.

let us know if they do a nude calendar to raise money. sacre bleu.

Susan said...

Tim: that would explain why I only recognised one of them.
Gaynor: they are very dashing, aren't they?
Leon: got your email, many thanks. Some bottles will be available on your arrival.
Liselle: I thought you might enjoy this lot :-)
Diane: it was actually very interesting being allowed to get so close to the action.
PJ: sadly no nude calendar - I made one of them blush at Christmas time by enquiring.

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