Thursday 27 October 2011

Who was Dubois? Ghost Sign 5

This very ghostly sign is in Preuilly sur Claise, and I know nothing about it. In fact, I can't really work our what it says except for the name Dubois. The second line is a mystery. A name? A description of the trade carried on within?

I have read the article about the businesses of rue du Puits Berthet in the archeological society magazine "les Cahiers de la Poterne" but this one isn't mentioned.

It may remain a mystery



chm said...

Hi Simon,

I think your mystery is solved. Mr. Dubois was a plasterer, i.e. PLATRIER in French.

Simon said...

I knew if I asked here someone would do my thinking for me :¬)

Thanks, patron

chm said...

You're welcome, friend. What put me on the track were the first two letters P and L and the fourth one T and probably the end ER. The rest was easy to guess. LOL.

Anonymous said...

A mystery solved, excellent!


Véronique said...

Hello; I think also it's "platrier" in French.

A French visitor of Touraine

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