Saturday 8 October 2011

Chenonceau Events

I have written before about the car park at Chenonceau, and how much time I spend in it.

This past week is no different: having visited the chateau three times in seven days I am even more au fait with the happenings in the car park, many more of which you can see now the visitor numbers have dropped. Six weeks ago you couldn't get into the carpark for cars, but now you have a choice of parking.

It also means that you can see more of the wildlife: last week I saw a woodpecker working over the crevices in the stonework of the moat, and on Thursday a squirrel was busy checking out every tree but stopped to see who it was making the clicking sound.

On Wednesday I was in danger of being out styled: this 1926 Rolls Royce Twenty doctor's coupe was in the carpark (coachmakers name unknown to me). It was driven by a very nice English couple from Brittany, who towed it to the Loire Valley behind their ordinary car so that they could use it visiting chateaux.

We are at Chenonceau again next week - I wonder what other delights the car park will have for me?



ladybird said...

That squirrel is so cutre. Maybe you should try to befriend it ... It could then keep you company during the long waiting hours! :)

P.S. Sounds like business is booming! Congratulations...

Susan said...

Martine: They are the cutest creatures, aren't they?! Yes, business is pretty good, thank you. We are very happy with how this year has gone and we still have bookings to come for Oct and Nov, and bookings for next year already.

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