Friday 7 October 2011

Peacocks at Rivau

The flock of peacocks which is given the run of the garden at the Château du Rivau add an element of charming elegance. They arrange themselves decoratively on the furniture and pop up like living works of art in the long grass.

This little one was a bit bemused at being photographed.
I liked the way they have been provided with a secret peacock refuge, hidden away under a large tree with a canopy that reaches down the ground behind a garden bed. If you peer in you can see a feeding station and some water tucked in behind the shrubbery, but allowing the peacocks to strut solemnly about through the vegetation and out into the open, or retreat into their safe haven where visitors cannot bother them, as and when the mood takes them.

Just because you are halfway through moulting doesn't
mean you can't flaunt what little you've got.
This must be how you see them in the wild in India
(minus the plant label of course...)
Too bad if you want to sit - it's now a peacock perch!


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