Friday 28 October 2011

Three steps forward

and a slight hiccough.

Our first step (and the hiccough) is the biggie: The worktops arrived yesterday morning at 08.30, and by 10.30 they were installed and the workers gone.

This was not without its problems, however. As is usual with these things, the granite needed to be reduced slightly to fit perfectly. Cutting the stone is always anticipated, so the installers are equipped to do cutting and polishing.

Trimming to fit
There was, however, one major issue.

When they were here measuring the workers took away the template supplied with our under counter sink so that the hole could be cut to the appropriate size. Unfortunately the factory didn't read the numbers carefully enough and the sink cutout was completely the wrong shape. This left us with two options - send the granite back and recut, or get another sink. The simplest option for the installers was to get another sink and make the factory that cut the granite pay for it. Because of the size of the hole the new sink will have to be custom made to order, not something we have any problems with, especially as someone else is paying!

You can see that the hole in the granite and
the sink are just not the same shape
The whole process of getting granite worktops has been very simple and painless. Everyone involved has been really professional and easy to work with, and they even understood the frustrating delay while we waited for the plumber to come and finish the kitchen.

We will have to wait a week or two for the new sink, but in the meantime I can start measuring for the tiles to go on the walls above the worktops.

Tomorrow, step two.



Tim said...

That does look nice... for a couple of weeks you could mount the sink up underneath on blox.... that would at least allow you to do the washing up!!
And the WV is what you'll be saying to that idea...."woobi!!"

Anonymous said...

I think that looks fabulous! I can only aspire. Currently, my only work surface is a (disconnected) dishwasher :(

GaynorB said...

I've just seen the worktop 'in the flesh' and it is absolutely stunning! Great choice S&S.....

wcs said...

They look spectacular! You must be enjoying them.

Niall & Antoinette said...

Worktops look great--this is one fab kitchen!

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