Thursday 13 October 2011

Action Men

Early on Tuesday morning we met some clients at their chambre d'hote in Amboise, which was situated on the island facing the château.

The street the chambre d'hote is in is very narrow, so I waited with Célestine just in case someone wanted to actually use the road for the purpose for which is was intended. Whilst standing there I looked out over the river and noticed that the pompiers were having what I assumed was a training exercise.

They were taking it all very seriously, but I have no doubt that even in the cold of a Touraine October morning they were also enjoying just messing about in boats.

For photos of Preuilly sur Claise's pompiers having a training exercise, click here.

The Pompiers' weren't the only boats on the river



Colin and Elizabeth said...

Hi Simon you appear to have that very annoying picture viewer back again !!! Col

Simon said...


fixed already. At least this time you don't have to add any code, I just deselected "show images in lightbox" on the setting panel in blogger.

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