Tuesday 22 February 2011

Catching the Bus

We have written before about catching the bus to Tours. This is an amazingly simple and cheap way to travel: the just under two hour long trip costs €1.70, and the bus leaves Preuilly at 7.00am, 10.10am and a couple of times in the afternoon that don't affect us (full timetable here).

One improvement in the bus we noticed this time is the new laser display screen (actually, digital display, but I'm sorry, I haven't a clue about these things) which gives all sorts of information for travellers.

When you get on the bus it tells
you where it is going
and where you are
And when you're on the move, it tells you
what the next stop is, and how long away it is
These make the bus even easier to use for people who only travel by bus occasionally or who are visitors to the area. There is nothing worse than catching a bus to somewhere you don't know, because you worry about missing your stop so much you usually get off the bus two stops early.

At least - that's what Susan and I agreed we usually do.



Jean said...

We once went to Tours on the train from Chinon and it was an interesting trip, especially as we were told off very firmly at Tours station for not having our ticket stamped before we got on the train. The return trip was by bus.

As the bus to Tours stops almost at the end of our street it seems daft not to use it, especially as it is so cheap. Maybe we will do just that next time we are chez nous.

Simon said...

Ah yes.. composting the ticket is a real trip-up point for those not in the know - if the ticket inspector had been an officious one he could have fined you

Jean said...

Looking at the time-table I see it takes 25 minutes to get from Preuilly to LGP - although it's only 12 minutes in the car. The bus must go the pretty way !!

ckb said...

We have the 2-euro buses here in the Loir-et-Cher too. The fare to any other point in the department is two euros. So we could take the bus to Blois and get the train there. Problem is, we never go to Paris together, only separately. Callie, you know. And if we take her, we have to drive.

Simon said...

Jean. The bus driver obviouusly doesn't drive as fast as you ;)

Ken. Take Callie on the bus - maybe she will like it better than the car (although in the circumstances I would be prepared to walk home from the first stop after you get on...)

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