Saturday 26 February 2011

A Quiet Week

Things have been quiet here this last week.

Mainly because I have picked up an eye infection, we think from laine de verre. This is commonly referred to as "fibreglass itch", which usually goes after taking a long shower. This time, however, mine had gone nowhere except all over...

I am not showing photos of my eyes, as it would put
you off breakfast. Instead, a photo of a 1923 3 litre Bentley
The first few days of this week my eyes have been so puffy they have been almost closed, red raw, itchy and uncomfortable enough to stop me sleeping. The itchiness has spread to my neck, arms and hands, and lower leg. I went to the pharmacie in la Roche Posay, and bought some creams off the skin care specialists, but they only aggravated the issue. The antihistamine tablets they also provided made no noticeable difference, except I got all the side effects.

Susan particularly liked the way the leaf
springs were decoratively bound in rope. All our
Retromobile photos are here.
We went to our own pharmacie on Thursday and bought some new you beaut eyedrops for "allergic conjunctivitis" which have bought some relief, even if they do sting like crazy when they go in. Hopefully, this is the start of recovery, and next week we can get on with stuff.

The other thing you aren't going to see is photos of us cleaning out the blocked sewage pipe at the front of the house. Disgusting doesn't cover it.

So there you go - the sort of week which makes all other weeks feel good.



wcs said...

Ouch! And blocked sewage pipes are no fun. Here's to next week!

Niall & Antoinette said...

Nasty, nasty. Hope your eyes improve quickly!

Leon Sims said...

We hope also hope, no expect your health to improve. But I do like that Bentley - the king of Le Mans many years ago.

Diane said...

Does not sound like the best week ever!! Hope the eyes soon improve Susan, it sounds VERY uncomfy to say the least,

Love the Bently. Diane

GaynorB said...

Hope the eye problem clears up soon Simon, and that in the words of that much used song, 'things can only get better'.

Amanda said...

Shouldn't you see a doctor?

Carolyn said...

I agree with Nadege. Fiberglass in lungs or eyes should be treated immediately. I'm hoping for a quick recovery for you, because it sounds so painful.

The Beaver said...


If the itch is spreading from your eye to your leg, are you sure it isn't an allergy to something?

Simon said...

I washed my eyes out as soon as it happened, and they have been flushed many times since. I think the original irritation was the fibreglass, but my rection to it has been like an allergy - it isn't really my eyes that have the problem, but rather my eyelids, which have all puffed up.

Mind you - I went to Brico-marche today, and although I felt like elephant man, no-one actually stared and pointed.

Which is good :)

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