Friday 25 February 2011

Buying Shoes

When we visit Paris we always stay at the same hotel - le Laumiere in the 19th.

This gives us an opportunity to buy shoes, something I find very difficult in this region. Having proper bloke sized feet I am too big for the delicate little things available in the shops around here. Usually the biggest size I can get here is a 45 (10½ UK or 11 US), whereas my feet are a wideish 47 (12 UK or 12½ US).

Luckily, just around the corner is Halles aux Chaussures, where we normally manage to buy a year's supply of shoes at good prices.

This year's shoes
This means that for the past two years I am sure the cleaners have been bemused by what we leave behind: a pile of shoe boxes to be recycled.

Last year's shoe boxes
This year's shoe boxes
As you can see by the boxes, many of the shoes are at reduced prices, so Susan always manages to squeeze in the purchase of a pair or two of shoes, even though she doesn't have the same issue with size as I do.



Jean said...

Simon, you should know by now that a girl can never have too many shoes. Ever !!

Leon Sims said...

I buy my shoes in the Rue de Rivoli in this little shop and on each visit to Paris I just need to buy another pair or 2. I just wish that French shoes had Cuban heels - cos I'm short.....Not like you (big bloke) Simon.

Niall & Antoinette said...

Jean has already said it!! We can never have enough shoes...

Simon said...

Ok Imeldas, Calm down :))

Leon. I used to wear cuban heeled boots, but haven't seen them for ages. Certainly not in my size in this country

Leon Sims said...

I saw this cowboy shop in Paris with cowboy boots but was a little shy in going in!!!!!!!!!!!!

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