Sunday 13 February 2011

We don't normally do requests...

... especially when the person concerned hasn't made the request yet.

However, we will make an exception for this Alvis 4.3 Litre Short Chassis Vanden Plas Tourer of 1937. Yes, it's orange, usually a colour I don't go for much (it is, however, one of Susan's favorites).

Period road test figures show a 0-60mph time of 11.3 seconds and a top speed of 103.45 mph.

Most owners restricted the use of their Alvis to the road; this short chassis bucked that trend. Driven by George Hartwell and R.S Newton, DHP 233 competed in the 1938 Light Car Club Three Hour race for sportscars over the Campbell Circuit at Brooklands. Intriguingly, DXP 233 also featured in a contemporary Alvis Ltd advertisement indicating the car won first prize in the RAC Rally, Blackpool in the Coachwork category.

The information is taken from the Fiskins website.



Jean said...

Now that is classy and a superb colour. I wish I had requested it myself.

Emm said...

Wow. What A Car, And wouldn't it be fun to go motoring over the countryside in it, a la Lord Peter Whimsey?

John said...

Susan and Jean, I think your general automotive taste is better than your colour taste in this instance. Simon might have had me in mind giving a glimpse of the Red Triangle badge. Sadly I still have one of these badges but not the car that went with it. For the car enthusiast I note that my Speed 20 (bought for me by an indulgent wife) had an all synchromesh gear box in 1935. But there was too much rust surrounding the superb mechanics for our student budget. Simon knows that Alvis briefly produced a front wheel drive car; but it was ahead of its time; and it certainly was no match in sheer glamour for the Traction that Simon and Susan enjoy so much.

Simon said...

John: It ws only when doing the photos I realised I had managed not to photograph the red triangle!

Emm: If one of these came up behind you, you would move out the way. No doubt about it.

Jean: It's orange. Impressive, but orange. Weird thing is, it suits the car. I am torn...

Although, if anyone reading this want's to buy one for me, orange is fine!!

Tim said...

I'm having palpitations!
And the keyboard is covered with drool... I'd better go back to reading about cheap train tickets!!

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