Saturday 12 February 2011

Now and Then - the Post office

The first post office in Preuilly sur Claise was in what is now a fairly anonymous building on the rue Notre Dame. For quite a long time I looked at the old photo of the building and couldn't work out where it was - it didn't look at all familiar.

I am not sure when I realised that it was a building I passed just about every time I drove the car, and had walked past dozens - if not hundreds - of times.

One of the interesting things about this building is that although the post office moved from here many years ago it still has a post box, just down the laneway to the right.



Jean said...

It's amazing how little all of those buildings have changed.

Simon said...

Jean: One of the house has a new window - that's an amazing of change in only 90-odd years...

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