Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The House in Queensland

We have all gone a lttle light-headed here...

Yes indeed, it is sold. At last.

This means that with any luck, over the next 12 months there will be a lot more blog posts about the progress we are making with the house. Also, because we should be in Preuilly more often, we will be able to take a closer look at day to day life in a small town in the Loire valley. Unfortunately, it does mean that there will be slightly less history and wildlife, but we have promised ourself that restoring the house won't be a 25 hour a day, 8 day week jobbie. We have heard too many stories (and while we were looking at houses to buy, seen too much evidence) of people who flog themselves into the ground, forgetting not only why they moved to France, but that the purpose of life is to live it a little. Thus we have promised ourselves a day a week to do "us" things and keep exploring.

This is the view from the Verandah

When I bought my house in Australia many people asked if I knew what I was doing in buying such an old house - maybe even 70 years old!

You will now excuse me while I do a little happy dance.


(these photos were taken from the real estate agent's site, hence the quality)


  1. Congratulations! I can hear your sigh of relief, or was it ten jets breaking the sound barrier?
    As they say, better late than never. Now you'll be able to concentrate on your house in Preuilly. We can't wait to see the improvements as you go along. You sure have a lot of work in front of you!
    Avec toutes mes félicitations et bon courage.

  2. Felicitations et bon courage! Now the fun begins.

    Adrian, come baaaaack!

    Don't forget to take a full set of "before" photos. They'll cheer you up during those periods when you think work will never end. Well, it won't, but forget I said that. Good luck, you two.

  3. Like the temporary header. Beautiful Albizia, mine in Virginia is much paler.
    The view from the verandah looks very much like mine here in So Cal.

  4. Thanks :¬)) The enormity of the next bit hasn't quite sunk in yet. I know what I have to do, but it was starting to feel like I was never actually going to have to get around to it. CHM - the tree is Poinciana (Delonix regia) a Madagascan tree related to the Robinia

  5. Great news! I hope you've opened something bubbly to celebrate. If you haven't, I will on your behalf. ;)

  6. Walt - yeah, right... I always drink champagne for breakfast ;¬)

    But even if I HAD taken a glass this a.m, there would be nothing stopping you from doing likewise

  7. Yeeee Haaaaa!!!!!!!

    Well done you !!!!!!

    Congratulations Susan & Simon, all my finger crossing and candles must have helped a little.
    Can't wait for the first little progress to begin,it is sooo nice to have some money to buy what you need....been there done that.Margaret

  8. [Cough]...as one of our readers pointed out to us in a PM, we should all be drinking crémant, as loyal Loire Valleyers.

  9. Or Vouvray! (Our local Touraine Fines Bulles is very good too.) Wishing you all the best.

  10. oh i missed this one. congratulations, what a pain in the ass. i did love the wildlife and history posts, especially the pix and the dispatches from the 100 yr old frenchie.
    meanwhile, i have to tell you that the house of my dreams is a house in australia, much like this, with big cisterns under the verandah. beautiful.