Thursday 31 May 2018

The Church at Charnizay is Repaired

While we were away in December the tip of the gable of the church at Charnizay crashed to the ground early on the morning of the twelfth. The Saint-Flovier fire brigade attended and they called in their colleagues from Loches for assistance and they set up a detour. By the end of the morning they had stabilised all the loose stones and covered the hole at the top of the church with a tarpaulin. While restoration was awaited the building was surrounded by a barricade and temporary porch added above the door. The church was closed to the public, including worshippers. After a somewhat unseemly period of negotiation during which the commune quibbled about paying the insurance excess of about €350, the church has now been beautifully repaired. The scaffolding came down about a week ago to reveal the above.

Despite driving past regularly we never got round to photographing the church with all its temporary health and safety precautions. A search of our photo archive has brought to light that we have never photographed the church at all, in ten years of driving past it several times a month!

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