Monday, 7 May 2018

Teuf Teuf in Preuilly

Last Tuesday was May Day, a public holiday in France and a day where people do stuff. We weren't doing much, having had a busy couple of days, and more busy days coming up. The weather wasn't too bad, so laundry was being done, and one or two tasks about the house.

Susan went out to buy bread for lunch and returned with the news that there was a gathering of old cars at the bottom of our street. I hot-footed it down there with my camera, just in time to see them disappear. A bit peeving, but hey-ho...

After lunch there was a ring at our doorbell (usually a sign that the Jehovah's Witnesses are in town), but no, it was André with his camera, telling us that the Teuf Teuf Club of Chatellerault was on the Champ de Foire. We decided to drive down in Célestine - even though it's all of 100 metres away - and introduce ourselves. We know one or two members (who didn't happen to be on this particular outing) but it was fun meeting new people and seeing new (to us!) cars.


potty said...

Shame that these 'events' are not publisized for enthusiasts to get in on the fun. We live near a venue that 'hosts' club weekends and often get an unexpected drive by of vintage, old, interesting, powerful or expensive vehicles.

Andrédantogny said...

Des Photos ici :

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